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You Can Crack Jokes While Presenting Your Ideas with These Tips

You want to be funny when presenting in front of many people. You know that you are going to keep talking for several hours. Therefore, you do not want to bore everyone by saying the same things over and over again. You also want to break the monotony using jokes.

The problem is that you worry that your jokes are not going to work. You might even offend people with what you are saying. Worse, the humour might fall flat, and no one gets it. These tips will help you crack that joke and improve your presentation.

Say the joke to someone you know 

You need to test the jokes first and determine if the people who hear them have the same reaction. If they do not, you might have to change it; otherwise, you can pursue it. Find people of the same age as the ones who will listen to your presentation. Sometimes, jokes need to be age-appropriate for them to work.

Say it slowly 

Not everyone will understand that you are cracking a joke in the middle of a presentation. You might have to take a pause before saying it or say it slowly until everyone gets it. However, you cannot be too slow to tell the punch line since no one will appreciate it anymore.

Be mindful of the people in the room 

If you are pitching to potential investors, you need to know their personalities first. Some of them are old and wealthy individuals who might not have a sense of humour. Therefore, cracking a joke might only offend them. They will not have any response even when you felt you gave them something funny.

Do not plagiarise 

You need to avoid copying jokes already said on TV or elsewhere, especially if they are very funny. Someone in the room might already know the joke and not find it funny anymore. You can quote someone though if you want to retell it. Come up with an original joke and see if it works.

Relate your joke to the presentation 

Before you crack a joke, make sure that it is relevant to what you are discussing, or it is an excellent introduction to the next topic that you are going to talk about. Do not force it into the conversation if you do not think it is good enough; otherwise, it will not be funny at all.

Do not obsess about making people laugh 

While preparing your presentation, you might have something funny to inject into it. You can use it if deemed appropriate; otherwise, you need to let it go. If people in the room know that you are not funny and you are trying to be, it will be awkward. Focus on your strengths instead. Look at the details of your presentation. Buy a projector mount if you are using a projector to present a summary of your ideas. You can prioritise other areas that will work, and not humour if it does not suit you.

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